Howdy, my name is Lilli Waters. You can call me Lil.

I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been a taking photos since 2002 & documenting celebrations of love since 2011. I've been super privileged enough to capture elopements & weddings all over the world, from Italy, Norway, Malta, Bali, New Zealand, and locally, from Perth, Brisbane, Tassie, Adelaide, Sydney and the most beautiful rural parts of northern NSW, near the hills where I was born. 

There are certain things in life that get me.. the light at the end of the day, road trips & blues music mixed tapes, any films with Michael Caine in them, waiting for a storm to hit, old houses, trips to Europe, romance, chilli choc tops & conversation that makes me question things.. 

I am very much drawn to the bush back home and her elusive beauty so I visit regularly to get my much needed fix of ocean swims, rainforest drives & long talks with old friends. However, as much as I am part cat and could laze in the sun all day long, my love for Melbourne wintertime porridge around the kitchen table, mulled wine, using my doona as a jacket & foggy windows is undeniable. 

I live in an old art deco house in Pascoe Vale South with my muso hubby Jake & our two intensely affectionate tonkinese cats, Charlie & Min. We married last year in Autumn out the back of an old shop under a 100 year old grapevine in one of my favourite country towns, Castlemaine. Skipping formalities, we decided to go straight for the 70's themed disco party times by calling it 'Boogiewed' (based on our favourite music festival Boogie), and dressing up in gold, we asked a close friend to snap the night up on a bunch of old film cameras using expired film, we drank & danced to old soul records with our mates until 7am. It was a bangin good party.

When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm immersed in my personal exhibition work, desiring to push myself creatively, which then feeds back into my work with couples. I am also an old fashioned romantic, which probably explains my career choice. 

My wedding & portrait work is on the documentary & whimsical side of the wedding photography fence, with some rawness, romance, soft focus & moodiness thrown in there. I look for the intimacy & human connection in the 'in between' & unseen moments, searching for light, mood & beauty, sometimes in more unusual places. I find that allowing my couples to be themselves within a comfortable and intimate space is key to being able to capture images that hold emotions, emotions that may feel like a giant overwhelming whirlwind on the day, but ones you will want to remember years down the road. 

I strongly believe that my practice should represent the honest & perhaps complex story behind your day, because there's more to true love than the wedding day. Together, you have gone through a million little things, the first dates, falling in love, moving in together, sharing best friends, supporting one other in harder times, the proposal.. so many memories that have led you to this milestone. And now, it's time to get dressed up, feast on top notch tucker & hand selected booze, & perhaps even have a boogie-a-rooney to some fine tunes with your best friends & the love of your life. What more could you want.

My aim is to capture you & your loved ones in the moment, as your most vulnerable and authentic selves, evoking the warmth between you and reaching through to your true characters, capturing a real representation of who you are, together. 

When you look at your wedding photos, I want you to be able to relive the feelings and many different emotions that made up the whole day, those crushing hugs, giant smiling (and sometimes silly) faces, impressive dance moves, beautiful tears, and remember how full to the brim with love you both felt.

Lilli x


My work has been featured in both wedding magazines & online, Harpers Bazaar Bride, Hello May, White Magazine, The Lane, Together Journal, Junebug Weddings, Bride Australia, Bride to Be Magazine, Pure Bride Magazine, Nouba, Hooray Magazine, Wedded Wonderland, WedFind, Paper & Lace, Frankie Magazine, Novela Bride, Farewell Fiance, Rock'n'Roll Bride, The Vintage Bride, The Knot, The Daily Telegraph, Brides of Norway, Polka Dot Bride


some lovely things said by some lovely people..



These are amazing!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much, you are awesome.'

- Geoff & Rie


'Oh my... Lilli, I'm bursting. They are so bloody beautiful!! They really are something special that capture the day so perfectly, and we knew they would with you. Thank you, THANK YOU so much for being such a special part of our love day. You are one super talented lady. Redic. I'm slowly going through and marking my favourites for our art book but it seems virtually impossible to not mark every single one. Super hard task. A billion thanks from us again Lilli! And to have them ready so soon.. ahh it's all just too exciting! You're amazing! We are just so in love with your work.. Thank you.'

- Susie & Nathan X X


'Words cannot describe how grateful we are that stumbled across your instagram page and booked you as our photographer. We both knew from the minute we found your personal work on Instagram that you were the Photographer for us. We both HATE having our photo taken but you really did make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and you were such a legend and made the experience completely relaxed and hilarious. Thank you for climbing down to the waterfall and capturing the most amazing pictures for us to admire. Your work is truly unique. 

ps ~ I meant to give you one of the spice dishes that I made as they were our wedding favours that I made with Takewei but completely forgot so I popped one in with your gift :) '

~ Lana & Clem xx


'Danielle)' Hey Lil, let me start by typing:
I am over the freaking moon, hip hip hooray!!
(Benji) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are off.the.chart.
I am supposed to be working my butt off right now...but a long wedding photography viewing is about to commence. Priorities right?!
You are so talented...
So amazing. We were just saying how pleased we were to have found you...thank you.
(Danielle) Loving seeing your ANJA pics, please, pretty please when I'm back can you use me for something (anything!) you do in future, you are AMAZING!!
(Benji) PS. There is a constant background noise of Danielle screaming as she finds another favourite photo. ....she look good in every photo..sickening really!'
Talk soon & much love, '

- Danielle and Benji xxx

'Dearest Lil.
Oh my god.
Oh my absolute god.
YOU ARE AMAZING. AMAZING!!!!!!! I am seriously shaking. 
These are just PHENOMENAL!!!!! 
So caught up in the beauty of it all. WOW! Take me back! :)
Thank you endlessly!'

- Hannah & Scott x

'Dear Lil.
I cannot even find the words! 
We are completely over the moon and overwhelmed by your work. You absolutely frieken nailed it. Honestly, the BEEEESSSSSTTT!!'

- Aleisha & Sime Xx

'Ummmm Lil!!! You are a treat.. 
We cannot thank you enough it is such an amazing experience being able to re live that moment especially captured so beautifully..
They are all my favourites but those forest ones wow you are very talented capturing that light...
Thank you so much!!!!'

- Sophia & Luis Xx

'Hi Lil.

We had some friends and family around last night for soup, wine and wedding photos and everybody just loved the photos and we had such a lovely time reliving all the many little moments that made up the day and night. There are so many fantastic portraits of our guests and you captured both Trunk and Romeo Lane perfectly. One of the (many!!) photos I really love is at the Bedeken ceremony where the folds of the fan match the folds of my dress- it's such a beautiful shot. The colouring of the outside photos is incredible- that rich, deep burgundy of Petra's perfect tulips, the golden light and lush greens- they all evoke such a warm and whimsical feeling for such a cold, Wintery day. But mostly I love how in every single photo there are giant smiles and crushing hugs and so much kissing and people talking and eating and laughing non-stop. It probably made us all very unruly subjects with many awkward angles and silly faces, but we felt surrounded by so much love and happiness on the day and it absolutely shows in all the photos. They really capture the whole mood and spirit of the day in such an authentic and beautiful way and it's so exciting we can go relive that feeling through them whenever we want now! Thank you very very very much!'

- Zoë & Jai xx



You are truly talented... oh my god!!! These have brought me to tears, THANK YOU! You're amazing & the photos are beautiful. I'm loosing it looking through them all!! 

Lilli, seriously couldn't recommend you more highly. Thanks for being so amazing!! '

- Paula & Dan xx


'To Lil.
We want to thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly in so many beautiful photos. Your style and tasteful wedding photos was perfect for us, and they were better than had hoped for!'

- Marian & Stig

'Hi Lilli,

The photos are just incredible. We are so thrilled. Thank you for capturing every precious moment. We have loved sharing the photos with our family and reliving the whole day again.
It was so special having you there on the day. Thanks for making it so easy. The photos feel honest and natural, and real. 
Just how we wanted our day to be.
Thank you again.'

- Jess & Adam

(Ed) 'Lilli, 
Thank you so much for getting our photos done so quickly. We have viewed them and they are absolutely stunning. 
Thank you for being a part of our wedding and for making it so enjoyable and easy.
We loved having you as our photographer. 
Thank you again'

(Amanda) 'I second everything that Eddie said. They are so spectacular.. You managed to get some truly beautiful shots of us both, and I know how awkward I can be to photograph!! You have done a wonderful job and we really appreciate how you were on the day. Our guests and family all said how friendly you were and a great addition to the night.
So, thank you.'

- Ed & Amanda


“Lilli's such a hard working woman that I didn’t see tire the whole day, and she has an incredible eye for capturing things. She was upbeat, cool and kept us going! Everyone mentioned how lovely and easy she was to be around. We have wicked photos.”

- Melinda & Brendan

'Lilli Waters of 'I Got You Babe' has a way of capturing incredible pure moments. With an eye for beautifully soft and perfectly composed images, we are always completely captivated by her wedding photography.' 

One Day Bridal

'It is those moments of raw, unguarded romance combined with moody, evocative storytelling that give incredible magic to the work of Lilli Waters.

Lilli’s style is suited to those who want every moment of their wedding day documented; the emotive exchanges, rituals of beauty and dressing, attention to small stylistic details and the pure moments of intimacy you share in those ‘in-between’ moments.

Unexpected compositions and artful angles such as glimpses through doors, shafts of light filtering through windows and couples basked in natural light against beautiful landscapes are all instantly recognizable signatures of Lilli’s work. 

Each frame as beautiful as a fine art portrait, and yet they are candid, fleeting moments that collectively capture the soul and romance of your entire wedding day.'

White Edit

'We love the organic feel of Lilli’s work and the way she is able to capture the raw beauty of natural moments, while still delivering polished, strong images that stay with you forever..' 

-Suzanne Harward